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Here is where you can embelish yourself in hours upon hours of Eminem media.


Behold, the craft of a genius. Listen to Marshall work wizardry with the many words of the English language on everything from his early underground recordings, to present day material.

Eminem in the Studio

This is where you can find a ton of radio interviews with Eminem. All the interviews are neatly assorted by station, and year, so you should be able to find specific interviews a lot easier.

Eminem in the Studio
Radio Interviews


Acceptance speeches can show people both at their most sincere or most insincere. But Em always keeps it short, sweet and on the money. Check out clips of Em accepting awards here.

Eminem at Awards
Award Speeches

Here is a large selection of video interviews with Eminem, everything from TV spots to backstage chats after live shows, to chat show appearances. Indulge in Eminem, one on one.

Eminem with Fingers Up

Eminem is no doubt one of the most naturalistic, electrifying and energetic live performers of our generation. Especially in hip-hop. Check out Em performing live for legions of fans here.

Eminem Performing Live

Eminem videos that don't quite fit under the other categories.

Tons of Unsorted Eminem Clips

Starring in just one official feature role so far, Em has made sure not to kill his acting career before he knows what he's doing (COUGH, 50 CENT, COUGH). There is apparently a new film in the works though. Check out clips of Em in 8 Mile and more (cameos etc.) here.

Eminem in 8 Mile - Movie clips
Movie Clips

Always one to create an equally exciting visual experience, matching his sporadic lyrics to vivid imagery, check out every Eminem music video to date here.

Eminem Music Videos
Music Videos